Pumpkin CubeSat Development Kit

Modules for CubeSat Kit training, development, debugging and testing.

The CubeSat Kit Development Board (DB) is intended as a laboratory-grade platform. Its components are arranged so as to provide maximum simultaneous access to all of the subsystems of the CubeSat Kit core architecture. It is not intended and indeed, it cannot be made to fit within any CubeSat. Instead, CubeSats are developed using the DB, and then the proven and tested CubeSat modules and the DB software is migrated to the CubeSat Motherboard (MB) during integration.

The Protoboard is a Cubesat Kit breadboard module that enables prototyping using Cubesat Kit module interfaces.

The Load Module is a Cubesat Kit prototyping and testing module that enables Power transfer into and from Cubesat Kit Modules.

The Flight Switch Simulator Module provides one simulated Remove-Before-Flight and up to three separation switches that are electrically compatible with common Cubesat-class electrical Power Systems.

Breakout Board Module provides headers for I2C/SPI protocol Anlayzers for debugging and testing.

The I/O LED Module provides at-a-glance visual monitoring of a Cubesat's I/O signals.

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