CubeSat Kit™ Misc Components

The Mid-plane Standoff (MPS) Kit consists of four unique precision hard-anodized aluminum pieces and the necessary fastening hardware to couple each of the four threaded rod columns in the corners of a CubeSat-compatible electronics module stack to the CubeSat Kit™'s structure. 

CubeSat Kit™ modules are arranged in a module stack according to physical dimensions prescribed by the PC/104 specification. The preferred way to physically retain all of these modules in place is via a system of four threaded rods, with coaxial aluminum through-hole spacers between adjacent modules. Each M3 rod is affixed to a Base Plate Assembly, and capped with an M3 nut to retain the entire module stack in compression.

The Remove-Before-Flight (RBF) bracket is used in CubeSat Kit™ structures that utilize the Chassis Walls of 1.5U, 2U and 3U size and locate the Motherboard Module (MBM) in a location other than on the Base Plate Assembly, at a location "higher up" in the chassis.

The power supplies can be used to power the Development Board (DB) and the Motherboard Module (MBM & MBM2). The +5Vdc power supply can power the DB and the MBM & MBM 2 through their +5V inputs. The 6-12Vdc power supply can power the DB via its +6Vdc to +26Vdc input