ARM-A: Resistojet Module for Attitude control

The ARM-A is a 6-thruster attitude control module. The standard form factors range from 0.35 U to 1 U, with also customized tank sizes available. ARM-A provides full 3-axis attitude control for any sized CubeSats. The smallest unit size is suitable even for 1 U CubeSats, with other variants available for any CubeSat sizes (including 12U cubesats). The system is able to support missions of 3+ years.

Also available as 4 or 6 degrees-of-freedom systems (“ARM-AO”, “ARM-6”). Please submit an inquiry for more details about different options.

Water-based propellant ensures safety and hassle free shipping and launch.

Idle Power Consumption:
50 mW
Typical Power Consumption:
3 to 5 W/mN
0.6 - 4 mN adjustable per active thruster
100 s