ADCS-MTQ Integrated Attitude Determination and Control System

ADCS-MTQ uses a triaxial magnetometer and a triaxial magnetorquer for attitude control. Its control modes include magnetic dipole moment control and de-tumbling.

To enable the sun-pointing mode, 6 optional FSS-15 fine sun sensors must be installed on the user's satellite. For users who desire to build their own ADCS, they may use our ADCS-MTQ as magnetic sensors and actuator components only.

Its ADCS system functions can be triggered on orbit and serve as a backup ADCS when the user finds the primary ADCS failed. Moreover, support software is provided for the user to set up and calibrate the system.

For 1U to 3U CubeSats with a limited power budget and volume constraint, this magnetorquer-based ADCS will suit your application.


  • Reliable and robust design
  • Cost effective solution with high performance
  • Comprehensive software support and free technical support

Included modes:

  • Direct magnetic dipole moment control
  • De-tumbling from <30 deg/s to <1deg/s within 12 hrs
  • Sun-pointing with accuracy up to <10 deg when six optional FSS-15 Fine Sun Sensor are equipped
Lead time:
2 months
Power consumption:
< 1 W @ 5V bus
Power consumption:
< 1 W @ 3.3V bus
Magnetic dipole moment:
< 0.2 Am² for 2-axis
Magnetic dipole moment:
< 0.1 Am² for 1-axis (adjustable)
Form Factor:
< 140 g
Optional accessories:
GNSS receiver & antenna
Included hardware:
Micro-controller, Triaxial magnetorquer, and magnetometer