ADCS-10m Integrated Attitude Determination and Control System

ADCS-10m is an integrated ADCS with a variable-speed, single-gimbal Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG) which is suitable for 3U CubeSats.

It delivers the same performances compared to ADCSs designed for similar sizes of satellites but offers lighter weight, smaller volume, and less power consumption. Moreover, the user's onboard computer (OBC) only has to input attitude quaternion as the reference command or set the system to autonomous mode.

Attitude determination and control algorithms embedded in the ADCS computer take care of all the commanding tasks to the ADCS components. This enables the user's OBC to focus on the mission operation instead of calculating the complex system dynamics of the spacecraft.

Also, autonomous modes can allow the satellite to track terrestrial objects or the sun simply by setting the states of the ADCS.

The system achieved flight heritage in 2022.


  • Offering improved torque at lower power consumption versus reaction wheels
  • Cost effective solution with high performance
  • Local vertical local horizontal, Sun pointing mode, Target tracking mode, etc
  • Comprehensive software support and free technical support

Included Hardware

  • 1 × CMG-10m Control Moment Gyroscope
  • 6 × FSS-15 Fine Sun Sensor
  • MEMS gyroscope
  • Triaxial magnetorquer and magnetometer
  • Micro-Controller serve as ADCS computer

Optional accessories

  • GNSS receiver & antenna
Lead Time:
4 to 8 months
Pointing Knowledge:
< +/- 0.1 deg @ sun can be captured
Pointing Knowledge:
< +/- 1 deg @ sun cannot be captured
Pointing Accuracy:
< +/- 0.2 deg @ sun can be captured
Pointing Accuracy:
< +/- 1 deg @ sun cannot be captured
Power consumption:
@ 5V bus < 1 W
Power consumption:
@ 3.3V bus < 1 W
Form Factor:
Tuna Can
Form Factor:
<300 g
Angular Momentum Storage:
< 10 mNms for 2-axis (adjustable)
< 1 mNm for 2-axis (adjustable)