ARM-O: Resistojet Module for Orbit Control

The ARM-O is a propulsion system with 1-4 water resistojet thrusters, depending on configuration. The standard form factors are from 0.35 U to 1 U, with customized tank sizes also available. The smallest unit size is suitable even for 1 U CubeSats, with other variants available for any CubeSat sizes.

Best for orbit altitude changes, collision avoidance, station keeping and rendezvous.

Aurora Water Resistojets have a specific impulse of approximately 100 s, and can reach good total impulses due to the density and ease of storage of water. The propellant choice also ensures safety and hassle free shipping and launch.

Idle Power Consumption:
50 mW
Typical Power Consumption:
3 to 5 W/mN
0.6 - 4 mN adjustable per active thruster
100 s