RAFTI - Rapid Attachable Fluid Transfer Interface

Orbit Fab's Rapidly Attachable Fluid Transfer Interface (RAFTI) extends the life of your spacecraft by equipping it with on-orbit refueling capability. Mobility is at your fingertips! Spacecraft can now make frequent orbit and altitude changes without regret. High value assets can be retasked to serve new purposes. By implementing RAFTI your spacecraft is now designed with docking and refueling activities in mind. During ground operations, the RAFTI Service Valve doubles as a reliable, cost effective fill/drain valve.

RAFTI consists of the RAFTI Service Valve and three Alignment Markers. Your spacecraft participates in the docking process by maintaining pointing and sharing state information. Orbit Fab's Fuel Shuttle handles soft capture and hard latch of the two spacecraft. The RAFTI refueling interface allows reliable propellant transfers in the harshest space environments, making it ideal for mission operations in LEO, GEO, and cislunar space.

Designed for:

  • Fill and Drain Operations.
  • On Orbit Refueling.
  • Docking and On Orbit Servicing


  • The RAFTI System integrates easily with existing spacecraft configurations.
  • Fail Safe & Safe to Fail spacecraft docking interface.
  • Three inhibits against leaks.
  • Passive retractable covers protect sealing surfaces.
  • Accommodates docking misalignment on all axes.
  • Exceeds industry safety requirements.
  • Alignment markers improve docking performance and reduce complexity of proximity operations.

RAFTI Dimensions:

Operating Pressure:
650 or 3000 psig
Cycle Life:
>1000 cycles
45 x 75 x 75 mm (not including internal valve)
Operational Temperature Range:
-40C to 60C
Storage Temperature Range:
-80C to 80C
500 g