Thermal cycling and TVAC testing

Solar MEMS has a testing lab inside a cleanroom ISO7 with different ovens, thermal cycling chamber and TVAC chamber, with the following testing capabilities:

  • Screening test: Different electronic ovens for burn-in tests (240h/24h @ 125°C) and vertical sun simulator setup for electro-optical characterization before and after burn-in.
  • Thermal Cycling: A thermal climate chamber available for thermal cycling tests of multiple units under inert atmosphere (N2) and includes a customized setup to illuminate the units under test if requested. Thermal climate chamber has 50L capacity and -65°C to +180 °C Temp. range (6,0K/min. warm-up, 4,0K/min. cool-down).
  • Thermal vacuum cycling: Thermal climate chamber for TVAC testing will be available during Q2 2024.
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