Environmental Test Services

Prepare your individual components or the entire mission for flight using government-owned equipment using high-end environmental test equipment.  Axient holds an exclusive agreement and employs dedicated and trained operators to execute reliable environmental stress screening for spacecraft and components.  Facilities are located on Kirtland Air Force Base and managed by Axient personnel.  Many different test services are available and include trained technician labor based on your unique testing needs.

Service Offering:

  • Access to high-end test equipment for a reasonable cost
  • Reliable environmental stress screening before launch integration
  • Specialized tools and hardware for components and fully integrated spacecraft
  • Trained personnel and operators dedicated onsite
  • Government-owned equipment, scheduled and operated by vested contractors


  • Vibration Tables: Ling 612U Table, and Ling 4022LX Table
  • Thermal Vacuum Chamber
  • Bake-Out Chamber
  • CG/MOI Table
  • Convection curing oven
  • clean rooms,
  • xenon solar simulator lamp,
  • nitrogen thermal chamber
  • thermocouple data loggers
  • NASA-certified technicians
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Ling 612U Vibration Table:
6,000lb vector and RMS, 30”x30” table, 5-3,000Hz at max acceleration of 120Gs
Ling 4022LX Vibration Table:
45,000lb peak sine, 36,000lb RMS, 48”x48” table, 5-2,000Hz at max acceleration of 100Gs
Thermal Vacuum Chamber:
84”x108”L, 72”x108” aluminum shroud, -120°C to +120°C
Bake-Out Chamber:
Temperatures above 250°C, 10-7 Torr, payloads up to 35”D x 30”H
Spacecraft Form Factor:
Cubesat to ESPA-class