Embedded Design Service

Charting the Course for Space Innovation

CAVU Aerospace UK, a leader in the Scottish space technology sector, offers comprehensive embedded design services to empower your space missions. We combine cutting-edge technology with a collaborative approach to deliver reliable and customizable solutions that propel your mission forward.

Our Services:

  • Application-Specific Processing Systems: Design, manufacture, and implement single-board computers tailored to your mission requirements. Leverage the power of FPGAs, DSPs, and microcontrollers for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Radiation Mitigation: Ensure system integrity through comprehensive radiation mitigation techniques. We utilize both system-level and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) approaches, including flash-based FPGAs and magnetic memories, for optimal protection against harsh space environments.
  • Pre-Production Validation: Minimize risk and maximize success through rigorous pre-production validation. Our services include signal and power integrity verification, ensuring a robust and reliable system foundation. Additionally, we offer pre-production vibration testing and simulation to guarantee your system can withstand the rigors of launch.


Unparalleled Expertise, Unmatched Flexibility

CAVU Aerospace UK goes beyond pre-built solutions. We offer a range of customization options to perfectly align our embedded design services with your specific mission needs:

  • Payload-Specific Design: Our expertise extends to designing embedded systems tailored for various space payloads, including scientific instruments, communication systems, and Earth observation equipment.
  • Payload Processing & Image/Video Processing Techniques: We design and integrate custom hardware and software solutions for processing data from your specific payload, including image and video processing functionalities.
  • Data Acquisition System Design: We can design and implement efficient data acquisition systems to capture critical data from your spacecraft sensors and experiments.
  • Complex Interface Design: Our team excels at designing intricate and diverse interfaces to seamlessly integrate all your spacecraft subsystems, ensuring smooth communication and functionality. This includes interfaces for power, data, and command & control.
  • Advanced Processor Implementations: Leverage our expertise in implementing soft CPUs such as LEON processors on Xilinx or Actel-Microsemi-Microchip flash-based FPGA platforms. Additionally, customize your system with various embedded operating systems like Linux, eCOS, and uCOS, ensuring seamless integration with your existing software infrastructure.
  • Command & Data Handling (C&DH) Applications: Entrust your mission-critical C&DH applications to us. We design and implement robust systems for managing spacecraft data, telemetry, and commands.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Safeguard your systems against single event upsets (SEUs), a major concern in space environments. We employ various techniques like Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR), Error Detection and Correction (EDAC), and FPGA configuration scrubbing (SRAM based FPGAs) to enhance system reliability.


Customizable Communication Systems: Design customized Software Defined Radio based telemetry/telecommand transceivers for different satellite and vehicles and ground stations configurations. Our services encompass Micro-Satellite and CubeSat options, catering to a wide range of mission types.

Customization Highlights:

  1. Design custom single-board computers (FPGAs, DSPs) for your mission's needs.
  2. Develop radiation-resilient systems using COTS components and design mitigation techniques.
  3. Rigorous pre-production validation ensures a reliable and robust system.
  4. Unmatched customization: Payload processing, data acquisition & complex interfaces.
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