SDR Rack - S-band TX,RX

The SDR-rack S-Band is the solution provided by Alen Space as a ground station transceiver for the S-Band band for Space Operation frequency bands (Uplink: 2025 - 2110 MHz; Downlink: 2200 - 2290 MHz), which integrates the SDR and the frontends necessary for communications with satellites in these bands.

The SDR-Rack S-Band requires a computer or server in which the radio data is processed digitally. In transmission, this information is transmitted to the S-Band SDR-rack by a USB cable and it converts this digital information into the analog RF signal that is sent through the TX ports. In reception, the analog signal is received through the RX port. The SDR-rack converts it into digital information by sending it via USB to the processing unit (computer or server).

The SDR-Rack allows you to select if the internal SDR transceiver is used, or, in other case, you can connect an external transceiver. In the external transceiver mode, the SDR-Rack will amplify the transmission signal and continue supplying the LNA in the reception chain.

The S-Band SDR rack enclosure dimension is a 2U of 19” rack.

Frequency Range:
1700 to 2200 MHz (Tx)
Frequency Range:
700 to 2600 MHz (Rx)