The GS-Kit provides customers with all the necessary elements to install a tracking station for small LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites, from installation and structural material to control software. Its rackable Software Defined Radio (Alén’s SDR Rack), compatible with GNU Radio, provides flexibility for different missions. It can support full duplex and half duplex S-band communications.

The GS-Kit is delivered in a box ready to be installed by the user, following the installation manual provided. The kit also includes an operations manual. The ease of assembly makes site survey, training and installation assistance by Alén Space's technicians only needed upon request. The company provides remote installation and commisioning support.

The GS-Kit includes the following outdoor equipment:

  • Structure for antennas
  • Azimuth rotator
  • Elevation rotator
  • Dish antenna
  • Cables

The GS-Kit includes the following indoor equipment:

  • Rotor controller
  • SDR rack
  • Power rack
  • Server rack

This kit can include the following antennas:

  • 1,9m dish
  • 2,4m dish
  • 3m dish

The supported frequencies are:

  • Transmission: 2.025 - 2.11 GHz
  • Reception: 2.2 - 2.3 GHz