ST400 Star Tracker

The ST400 is a standalone, low mass, low power star tracker, which renders attitude determination capability to small satellites. It has been jointly developed by Hyperion Technologies B.V. and Berlin Space Technologies GmbH.

The ST400 is an improved version of the smaller ST200 star tracker, which is aimed at applications in pico- and nano-satellite platforms. It features increased attitude determination accuracy and increased radiation tolerance. The ST400 has been qualified for man-rated missions since October 2013 and has flight heritage since 2016.


Pitch and Yaw Accuracy:
10 arcseconds (3σ)
Roll Accuracy:
120 arcseconds (3σ)
Update Rate:
5 Hz
Maximum Slew Rate (tip/tilt):
>0.5 deg/sec
Maximum Slew Rate (roll):
>1 deg/sec
53.8 x 53.8 x 90.5 mm (without baffle)
280 g
Radiation Tolerance:
9 krad
Typical Power Consumption:
700 mW (@5 V and 5 Hz)
Maximum Power Consumption:
1000 mW