ST200 Star Tracker

The ST200 is one of the world’s smallest and lightest fully autonomous, low power star trackers, aimed at applications in pico- and nano-satellite platforms.

With an accuracy of 30 arcseconds and its extremely small size the ST200 can be used in practically every platform that requires attitude determination.

The ST200 is a co-development with  Berlin Space Technologies.

Pitch and Yaw Accuracy:
<30 arcseconds (3σ)
Roll Accuracy:
<200 arcseconds (3σ)
Update Rate:
5 Hz
Radiation Tolerance:
9 krad
42 g
Typical Power Consumption:
600 mW (@5 Hz)
29 x 29 x 38.1 mm (without baffle)
Maximum Slew Rate (tilt):
>0.3 deg/sec
Maximum Slew Rate (roll):
>0.6 deg/sec
Maximum Power Consumption:
1000 mW