ST200 Star Tracker

The ST200 Star Tracker is one of the world’s smallest and lightest fully autonomous, low power star trackers, aimed at applications in pico- and nano-satellite platforms.

With an accuracy of 30 arcseconds and its extremely small size the ST200 Star Tracker can be used in practically every platform that requires attitude determination. The ST200 Star Tracker is also suitable for applications on larger satellite platforms. For these applications, additional interfaces and power supply ranges are available. 

The ST200 is a co-development with  Berlin Space Technologies.

Pitch and Yaw Accuracy:
<30 arcseconds (3σ)
Roll Accuracy:
<200 arcseconds (3σ)
Update Rate:
5 Hz
Radiation Tolerance:
9 krad
42 g
Typical Power Consumption:
600 mW (@5 Hz)
29 x 29 x 38.1 mm (without baffle)
Maximum Slew Rate (tilt):
>0.3 deg/sec
Maximum Slew Rate (roll):
>0.6 deg/sec
Maximum Power Consumption:
1000 mW