SSA01 - Wide Bandwidth S-Band Patch Antenna

The EXA SSA01 is a wide bandwidth S-band antenna than can accommodate a bandwidth of up to 195 MHz for missions that need greater speed and/or bandwidth separation capabilities and great flexibility on the final frequencies’ selection. It will work between 2025 and 2120 MHz and 2200 and 2300 MHz without sacrificing gain, allowing your mission to not wait for the final bands and frequencies approval: By the time you get your approval papers from your telecommunications authority, you will be ready to fly, just request a frequency within SSA01’s ample range and you save at least 6 months of red tape time.


  • Flight heritage since 2020
  • Wide bandwidth: 2025 to 2120 MHz and 2200 to 2300 MHz
  • Only 4.8mm thickness
  • Custom configurable choice of connectors and/or cables
  • Wide FOV of 120 degrees
  • Designed for LEO missions and requirements
  • Manufactured according to NASA and ESA space standards and materials
  • Functional, performance, thermal bake out and vibration tests provided with documentation.
  • Compatible and compliant with standard deployers and CubeSat Standard
Frequency Range:
2025 to 2150 MHz
Frequency Range:
2200 to 2300 MHz
4.8 mm
Field of View:
120 degrees
6.5 dB (typical)
Total Bandwidth:
195 MHz
40 g
96.5 x 69.7 x 4.8 mm
Operating Temperature Range:
-80C to 140C
Radiation Tolerance:
>4 years in LEO