Pumpkin Modular Solar Array System

Pumpkin’s Modular Deployable Solar Array System (PMDSAS) technology combines materials, processes, design innovations and technologies to manufacture both fixed and deployable solar panels for nanosatellites. Pumpkin offers a wide variety of CubeSat-compatible solar panels depending on your requirements. Standard, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) panels are available, as well as custom designs. Pumpkin designs both fixed and deployable panels along with associated mechanical hardware (hinges, release mechanisms, etc.); nearly all of this hardware is custom designed and manufactured by Pumpkin.

Standard panels use Spectrolab CIC1 30.7% NeXt Triple Junction (XTJ) Prime Solar Cells and are made using an FR4-based substrate that come in .031in [0.79mm] to .062in [1.57mm] thicknesses. Panels are typically 3.25in [82.55mm] wide.

In the event that our standard panels don’t meet the requirements of your mission, Pumpkin can work with you to create a custom solution.

Cell efficiency:
Panel Thickness:
0.31 to 0.62 [in]
Wing Spring Torque:
0.3 [in-lbs]
Connector Type:
6-pin Hirose harness
Hinge Spring Torque:
1.12 [in-lbs]
400 mA
Wing Spring Torque:
4.8 [in-lbs]
Voltage Output per cell:
2.5 Vdc
Lead Time:
30 to 60 days
Surface Area per Cell:
26.62 [cm^2]
Flight Hardware