DMSA Deployable Multifunction Solar Array

The EXA DMSA/1 (Deployable Multifunction Solar Array for 1U) is the upgraded version of the venerable DSA 1/A, it is our entry level product of a family of deployable solar arrays based on artificial muscles for cubesats in the range of 1U to 6U. The arrays fold into a panel attached to the cubesat structure just as another solar panel and once in orbit it deploys to full extension, it includes deploy and release contact sensors and its own deploy control board.

Now, in a world's first, it includes embedded antennas that range from VHF to L band, no longer you need to buy and manage antenna systems, the DMSA has them embedded in its structure as 2 monopoles or 1 dipole and they deploy with the solar array, you just connect the cable to your radio.

 It also has an embedded magnetorquer, sun and temperature sensors, you can configure your choice of solar cells like our low-cost solar cells to AzurSpace 3G-30 for very high-power missions; the maximum folded thickness is 6.25 mm for the 3 panel array.  Every array is tested and qualified in our own facilities and shipped with full reports, the DMSA/1 yields the best results when coupled with our high-capacity batteries.

46 g (1 panel)
Panel Thickness:
1.5 mm
Panel Thickness:
2 mm (1 panel folded)
Panel Thickness:
4 mm (2 panels folded)
Panel Thickness:
6.25 mm (3 panels folded)
Operating Temperature:
-80C to 130C
Radiation Tolerance:
>4 years in LEO
Cell Efficiency:
28% (AzureSpace cells)
Cell Efficiency:
19% (low-cost cells)
Lead Time:
4 to 6 weeks