Power System EGSE - C3S

C3S’ EGSE, designed for cubesats and standalone batteries, is capable of charging and discharging 1 to 4 series connected battery cells. The charging current, discharging current, target charging voltage and target discharging voltage can be set with mA (at current) and mV (at voltage) accuracy. Beside these functionalities it can also perform automated test programs for characterizing the battery cells.

Main Features:

  • Robust design & failure handling
  • Equipped with a coulomb counter and battery balancer circuit
  • 4 thermistors and an overtemperature input line to measure the temperature of the battery pack
  • Easy-to-handle user interface is provided by a 3.5″touchscreen
  • Security turn off in case of overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent or overtemperature
  • Equipped with an emergency switch for manual shut down
  • Measured data is stored on the equipment
  • Data download is made possible through a USB port, supporting micro-SD cards as well
Maximum Power Output:
63 W
Voltage Range:
3.1 to 16.7 V (discharge)
Current Range:
50 to 5000 mA (discharge)
Voltage Range:
3.2 to 16.8 V (charge)
Current Range:
200 to 5000 mA (charge)
Supply Voltage:
20-26 VDC
Supply Voltage:
100/240 VAC