The TOTEM SDR Multi-Application closed payload can include all TOTEM payload applications in one single SDR motherboard with multiple piggyback frontends enabling the use of multiple applications in a single payload*. This payload has been successfully deployed in several missions and counts with flight heritage.

Main features

  • Up to 2 TX and 3 RX bands per TOTEM motherboard

Multiple applications options:

  • ADS-B receiver for aviation
  • AIS receiver for maritime
  • DVB-S2 transmitter for high data rate communications
  • IoT transmitter and receiver


  • Frontend piggyback
    • UHF: 395-410 MHz
    • UHF: 435-438 MHz
    • VHF: 156-162 MHz
    • S-band:
      • TX (downlink): 2200 - 2290 MHz
Lead Time:
12 to 16 weeks