Micro Release Nut (uD3RN)

User-friendly, high-performance release device triggering any space mechanism on-orbit. 

The DCUBED Micro Release Nut (uD3RN) is a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) based release actuator which locks sensitive equipment during launch and  safely releases it on orbit. It is one of the smallest, yet powerful Hold-Down and Release Mechanism (HDRM) solutions on the market. Moreover, it is easily resettable (on-ground, in space), easy-to-use and readily available as a COTS part. 

VIDEO: Check out how to trigger and reset the DCUBED Micro Release Nut uD3RN here: 

Key Features 

  • On-Ground Resettable, up to 400 times 
  • Short Delivery Time (10-12 weeks) 
  • Fully Redundant Actuation 
  • Smart SMA Trigger 
  • Ultra Low Shock 
  • Axial Load (Release Load) >2500 N 
  • Ultimate Load Rating: >4000 N 
  • Body Size: 25 x 25 x 25 mm 
  • Mass: 40 grams 
  • Body material: Hard anodized Aluminum 7075-T7351 
  • Nut material: Titanium grade 5 
  • Temperatures: -65°C to +75°C 
  • Customizable Interfaces 

Export Control 

  • The DCUBED Micro Release Nut (uD3RN) is ITAR Free.

DCUBED also offers a counterpart micro Pin Puller which can be viewed here.

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25 x 25 x 25mm
78 g
Operating Temperature Range:
-35C to 80C
Axial Load: