LizzieSat Payload Technology Hosting

Sidus Space’s hosted payloads make use of our LizzieSat™ platforms, offering a route to space for your technologies to collect data and gain flight heritage.

Eliminate the need to build, launch, and operate an independent satellite system. At Sidus Space and through our partner networks we handle launch, transport and satellite operations, and data transmission so you can focus on your mission, your technology, and your data.

By integrating your payload onto our spacecraft, you can fulfill distinct requirements in government, scientific, and commercial sectors, including but not limited to, communications, space situational awareness, Earth observation, national defense, and remote sensing.

Spacecraft Class:
Spacecraft Mass:
100 kg
Octagonal Prism
11,500 in^2 (188 U)
Payload Mass Capacity:
35 kg (without propulsion)
Payload Mass Capacity:
20 kg (with propulsion)
Payload Volume Capacity:
27 U (without propulsion)
Payload Volume Capacity:
18 U (with propulsion)
Payload Power Supply:
28 V (each)
Possible Spacecraft Orbit Altitudes:
300 to 650 km
Possible Spacecraft Orbit Inclinations:
30.0°, 45.0°, 51.6°, 63.4°, 92.0°, 98.6°
Possible Spacecraft Orbital Period:
90.4 - 97.6 minutes
Energy Storage:
1100 Wh
ADCS Type:
3-Axis control
ADCS Mean Accuracy:
0.01° (3σ)
ADCS Pointing Knowledge:
0.01° (3σ)
ADCS Mean High Frequency Jitter:
(>20 Hz): 1.0e-6°/s (3σ)
ADCS Mean Low Frequency Vibration:
(<20 Hz): 5.8e-6°/s (3σ)
Payload Data Downlink Frequency:
Payload Data Downlink Rate:
150 Mbps
TT&C Frequency:
TT&C Downlink Data Rate:
2 Mbps
TT&C Uplink Data Rate:
256 kbps