Design and development

Solar MEMS offers its engineering and R&D services for custom electronic, mechanical and optical designs, including integration processes and development of new technologies for space applications. SMT expertise is comprised of:

  • Development and optimization of ADCS technologies.
  • MEMS technologies for space applications.
  • Nano/Pico satellite platform design and space projects management.
  • Space hardware and software development, including electrical and mechanical custom designs.
  • Integration solutions and interfaces adaptation, including design and implementation of power subsystems, signal detection, conditioning and processing stages, communication interfaces and monitoring systems.

Solar MEMS premises include three clean rooms ISO7 with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for microsystems, optics and electronics development, integration and testing.

For electronic developments, Solar MEMS designers are certified according to IPC PCB DESIGN MILITARY AEROSPACE and IPC DESIGNER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM

Service Location: