Dawn CubeSat Propulsion Module

Launched on SpaceX’s Falcon9, Arianespace’s Vega and Roscomos’ Soyuz-2 rideshare missions, Dawn’s ECSS qualified, CubeSat Propulsion Modules provide high thrust and high efficiency to get your CubeSat to where it needs to be. 

Using non-toxic propellants in a self-pressurizing configuration, these points are unique to Dawn’s green chemical propulsion architecture and enable increased satellite capabilities compared to hydrazine, LMP-103S (ADN), AF-M315E (HAN) or other proprietary fuel-blend systems:

  • Self-pressurizing propellants: No helium pressurisation systems required. This enables simple, lightweight and low-cost feed system and tank designs. Stable pressure throughout the satellite’s life ensures constant thrust and Isp of >285 s.
  • Commonly available propellants: They can be sourced from local industrial gas suppliers and are not subject to export control restrictions. They are REACH compliant and ITAR free.
  • Electric based ignition: No preheating of catalysts results in significant power savings. It also means thrusters are rapidly cold-start capable, with unlimited cold-start capability.
  • Thrusters fire in both ambient and vacuum environments: Combined with non-toxic propellants, this allows for simple satellite integration and highly representative hardware testing at system level with live or simulated propellants without the need for specialised testing environments.
  • Thrusters operate in both hot and cold-gas modes: This means the same thruster can perform both high-performance burns and fine impulse manoeuvres.
  • Low power draw: with an average firing power of 12.5W per thruster while firing.
  • 6 DOF capable: through a fully integrated RCS system.

Dawn can deliver complete turn-key propulsion systems, complete with thrusters, propellant tanks, feed system and thruster control electronics.  A full-service partner, Dawn provides support in hardware, logistics, systems integration, propellant sourcing and onsite fueling.

Size Total Impulse Dry Mass Wet Mass
0.7U >425 N.s 1000 g 1170 g
1U >850 N.s 1100 g 1410 g
1.5 U >1,800 N.s 1500 g 2250 g
Lead Time:
6 months
Thrust Range:
0.33 N to 1 N (temperature dependant)
ITAR free and REACH compliant
Propellant Type:
Nitrous oxide (N2O) and propene (C3H6)
Specific Impulse:
>285 s
Cold-start capable. No preheating catalysts
Operating Temperature Range:
0°C to 30°C
No propellant degradation over time
Nominal Power Consumption:
12.5 W
Minimum Impulse Bit:
35 mN.s
Minimum impulse bit, cold-gas:
<20 mN.s using N2O; <2 mN.s using C3H6
Thrust Vector Control:
>230 m/s (for typical 3U CubeSat)
No thruster degradation over time
Flow Rate:
Oxidizer at 170 mg/s; Fuel at 18 mg/s
Proof Pressure:
Oxidizer at 110 bar; Fuel at 40 bar
Burst Pressure:
Oxidizer at >150 bar; Fuel at >55 bar