6U SUPERNOVA Structure Kit

Pumpkin’s SUPERNOVA series 6U structure kit provides a platform for rapid integration of mission hardware into a flight ready spacecraft. The precision machined structure allows a high level of configurability while maximizing the available mass and volume for payload. The SUPERNOVA structure has been thoroughly tested for shock and vibration durability.

The modular nature of the SUPERNOVA enables satellite subsystems to be assembled and tested in units, or stacks, external to the flight structure. In addition to the basic structure assembly, a selection of mounting hardware, covers, and adapters are available to accommodate a range of possible layouts.

Other features:

  • Compatible with Planetary Systems Corporation (PSC) Canisterized Satellite DispenserTM
  • Hard Anodized 7075-T73 base plate tabs provides a predictable load path within launcher
  • Al 6061-T6 side and top plates
  • Included covers allow for easy RF/EMI shielding
  • All threaded holes are vented
  • Over 9000cc combined internal and external payload volume
  • Over 10kg allowable mass in addition to structure
6U SUPERNOVA Strucutre Kit

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Allowable Volume:
9000 cc
Al 6061-T6
Al 7075-T73
Allowable Mass:
10 kg
Flight Hardware