X-Band Antenna - IQ spacecom

This COTS antenna is designed for pico and nano satellite applications to realize satellite links. The mechanical dimensions fit a 1U CubeSat as well as larger satellites.

With circular polarization, the antenna provides a robust solution regarding the steering accuracy to the ground station antenna. Due to the four combined patches, a high antenna gain can be achieved, considering small form factor requirements. As RF interface, a robust SMA (female) connector is used. Four screws provide a proper mounting of the antenna. The antenna backside shall be grounded properly to the satellite chassis. As dielectric, ROGERSTM laminate for space applications is used. Patches and conductors are Cu with NiAu surface finish.

With the basic design TRL 9 has been achieved with various successful LEO missions. Alternative designs for X band uplink frequency and X band downlink frequency are available.


  • Circular polarization (RHCP)
  • High Gain
  • Ultra-small shape
  • low mass
  • Flight grade tested design
  • Cost effective
  • Short delivery time
Frequency Range:
8.025 to 8.400 GHz
Frequency Range:
7.145 to 7.250 GHz
Maximum Antenna Gain:
18 dBi (main direction)
Half Power Beam Width (HPBW):
40 deg
LHCP (optional)
60 x 40 x 1.8 mm
20 g
50 Ω
SMA (f)