UMPPT Solar Panel Joiner

The EXA UMPPT Solar Panel Joiner/Adder Module is a sub-EPS module that allows you to connect up to four (4) independent solar panel and joins/adds their power yield, no matter their orientation and state of illumination, providing a unified multiple power point track service.

Unlike common MPPT modules, The EXA UMPPT module adds the power yield of all solar panels, not only the ones in full illumination or with the maximum power point, but all at once, providing the maximum power yield possible by your solar panel configuration, boosting your power production in orbit and securing the best positive power budget for your mission.

It also provides telemetry output for each solar panel connected to the module.

Direct Solar Channels:
Minimum Input Voltage:
1.5 V
Maximum Input Voltage:
16 V
Output Voltage:
Up to 16V at 2A
45 x 45 x 7.2 mm
Operating Temperature Range:
-40C to 85C
Radiation Tolerance:
> 4 years in LEO
11.58 g