SKAISEN is an onboard cloud detection solution designed for Earth Observation missions and a wide range of optical sensors.

SKAISEN can save costs associated with data transfer while empowering mission autonomy and supporting its purpose for space missions.

Powered by AI algorithms, SKAISEN detects pixels polluted by clouds directly onboard the spacecraft. SKAISEN offers multiple benefits, such as cost reduction by avoiding the download of unnecessary pixels, saving communication bandwidth for more valuable data, and faster access to critical data through prioritization.

SKAISIEN is currently compatible with any Simera Sense Camera and supports deployment to hardware units with an ARM CPU and FPGA. The full product will be demonstrated on the upcoming TROLL mission in Q4 2024, incorporating a hyperspectral camera and DPU payload provided by Zaitra. Additionally, there are scheduled missions for 2024 utilizing SKAISEN technology onboard. 

SKAISEN is now available in three variants, giving you the choice of a single component up to a comprehensive full mission on-board data processing solution:

  1. SKAISEN Edge - Standalone FPGA IP Core with AXI DMA interface or a CPU-optimized binary to a specific embedded processor.
  2. SKAISEN OS - Customized operating system designed to work seamlessly with SKAISEN Edge on Xilinx® ZynqTM 7000 and Xilinx® ZynqTM UltraScale+TM boards.
  3. SKAISEN Payload - SKAISEN OS delivered together with one of the Data Processing Units (DPU) available on the market.

To ensure clear pricing, Zaitra has designed three types of licenses that are suitable for:

  • Single EO mission
  • Constellation
  • Subscription-based System as a Service