Radiation Risk & Safety Analysis for Spacecraft and Satellite systems

Space radiation can wreak havoc and even cause entire space missions to fail mainlly by causing critical communications systems to malfunction and/or fail. Saving on expert space radiation protection analysis and measures may cost you your entire mission.

At ISE we specialize in Space Radiation for space missions.
  • Mission analysis for the entire mission and all mission phases
  • Mission Requirements Definition from a Radiation perspective
  • Mission Critical Electronics:
    • Calculation & Analysis of Single Event Upsets
    • Latch-ups, Burnouts
    • Gate Ruptures (and similar events for a Variety of Unmanned Mission Scenarios)
  • Radiation analyses of electronics designs and characterization of radiation with protons and heavy ion testing at Cyclotrons and accelerators in the US and Canada.
  • Radiation requirements derivation from mission profile
  • Spacecraft electronics/avionics/payload design and development 
  • Data/time synchronization for the data science and/or big data analysis to achieve temporal coherence
  • Qualification testing and EMI/EMC test services for individual electronics subsystems
    • Prototype and qual systems build (without clean room)
    • Spacecraft level testing and qualification
    • Thermal and vibration analyses based on mechanical 3D models
    • MTBF, Derating and other system analyses for electronic subsystems
  • Modeling in state of the art SOA radiation modeling tools and proprietary modeling tools.

At ISE we KNOW Radiation.