Oryx OBC Software

Oryx is a modular flight software tool developed for the mission control of small satellites. This on-board computer software manages all satellite tasks – namely, processing telecommands sent by the operators, monitoring the power budget, executing pre-defined schedules, managing emergencies and handling data from all the sensors on board.

Oryx utilises an innovative framework that facilitates the customised development of your own mission. Thanks to its modular architecture, based on building blocks, it supports the rapid development of the mission’s software by using a vast library of components - logging, scheduling, testing and communication to name but a few.

The ease at which a testing environment and software simulator can be set up ensures in-depth evaluation of your applied solutions from the onset of the project. Should your component not be supported by Oryx, you can simply extend your simulation by creating customised drivers.

Knowing how crucial your mission and its safety are, Oryx not only provides the possibility of updating the software in orbit but also the application of a critical hotfix. By using Lua scripts to extend your mission after its launch, Oryx significantly reduces the risk and expense of sending the entire software binary to the satellite by simply sending a small script which will take care of all the issues you need to manage, whether it is a missing software feature or a potentially hazardous bug.

Our on-board software exposes an API that can be accessed by the small Lua scripts; providing access to selected sensors and peripherals, which is definitely a game changer!

Oryx is a part of Smart Mission Ecosystem – hardware, software and AI-powered algorithms designed to complete your mission.

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