MultiScape200 CIS

The MultiScape200 CIS brings more in-depth insight with more spatial and spectral detail to each pixel. Engineered to fit in a 12U volume makes the MultiScape200 CIS ideal for any 16U or larger platform. Thanks to an advanced thermal design, satellite operators can use the MultiScape200 CIS over a wide temperature range, for longer.


  • 1.5 m GSD (at 500 km orbit height)
  • Swath width of 14 km (at 500 km orbit height)
  • 7 spectral bands in the VNIR range
  • 12-bit pixel depth
  • 128 Gigabyte non-volatile storage capacity for up to 2 000 km strip (at 500 km orbit height)
  • On-board image processing and compression capabilities
  • Comprehensive telemetry and health monitoring including OFE temperature measurement
  • Latch-up current monitoring and optional on-board power switch with quick turn-off
  • Inject AOCS/ADCS parameters and time information into data stream
  • Expected lifetime of more than 5 years
  • For more technical details see Documents tab below


  • Precision agriculture
  • Forestry and land use
  • Energy and infrastructure
  • Coastal monitoring
  • Air quality
  • Resource and infrastructure monitoring

The signal-to-noise ratio with a selection of dTDI stages, at an orbit height of 500 km is shown in the Figure below. An at-aperture radiance function of 100 W·m-2·sr-1·µm-1 is assumed across the spectral range for all of the SNR values. The transmittance of each band is also shown.


Figure: SNR and Transmittance

Earth Observation
Sensor Technology:
Sensor Type:
Line Scan
9344 Pixels (Cross Track)
Pixel Size:
3.2 µm
Pixel Depth:
Number of Spectral bands:
Line Rate:
8000 Hz
Ground Sampling Distance:
1.5 m (at 500km orbit)
Swath Width:
14 km (at 500km orbit)
Storage Capacity:
128 GB
Supply Voltage:
5 V
Maximum Power Consumption:
5.8 W
Typical Power Consumption:
2.5 W
12.1 Kg
216 x 216 x 304 mm
Operating Temperature Range:
-10C to 50C
Survival Temperature Range:
-20C to 60C