Mission Architecture and Planning Service

A Mission Architecture Plan is an essential step in building a space mission. Orbital Transports offers a Mission Architecture and Planning (MAP) service to analyze your mission or program requirements, identify an appropriate solution architecture for implementation, and develop an execution plan. The plan will ensure that your mission is successful and cost-effective, and that any potential issues or challenges that may arise during the implementation process are identified and addressed well in advance. MAP Service includes the following elements: Mission Specification, Architecture Analysis, and Implementation Plan Development. 

Mission Specification

Orbital Transports derives mission, segment, and system requirements, and then defines appropriate technical performance measures to evaluate the fitness of particular mission architectures. These requirements and technical measures will encompass all relevant aspects of the mission including spacecraft, satellite communications, mission operations, etc. The technical performance measures are used to assess technical characteristics and capabilities of critical systems, components, and processes being evaluated for the solution architecture.

Architecture Study

Given a set of mission requirements and available technologies, Orbital Transports develops a solution architecture utilizing available commercial off the shelf technologies as much as possible to achieve mission objectives. Product trade studies are conducted across multiple suppliers to identify an optimal solution architecture. Customizations to off the shelf systems needed to accommodate specific customer technical requirements are identified. Selected solution elements are verified against mission requirements and technical measures. The solution architecture will identify which systems best meet customer objectives and allows for further definition of execution plans. Deliverables include solution architecture, concept of operations, and detailed system specifications. 

Implementation Plan Development

Based on the specified solution architecture, Orbital Transports develops a procurement plan including bills of materials, necessary services, purchase and delivery schedules, pricing for the program, and handling procedures for sensitive materials or systems. The tasks and project schedule required to integrate customer payloads mechanically and functionally with the spacecraft bus specified in the solution architecture are defined. A set of flight qualification and acceptance testing campaigns is identified to ensure system compliance with technical requirements. The regulatory regimes relevant to the mission, measures to ensure compliance, and insurance policies to mitigate potential liabilities are provided.