Mercury Equatorial Ground Station Site

EXA offers especially selected land for ground segment activities, well served with energy, water, internet, backup systems, and security. Located in the pacific coast of Ecuador, with 110 ha dedicated to the construction and operation of ground stations. The land plot lies in a dry, arid region 90 m above sea level and away from tectonically active areas.

Our business model permits us to absorb your required investment for the construction of new infrastructure and facilities. You only pay for rent, maintenance fees, services bills, and government fees. However, we adapt to the requirements and necessities of each one of our clients and can offer all-inclusive or normal contract services.

We have the support of the Ecuadorian government, and we ensure the best conditions for you. Tax discounts are available and lower tariffs have been agreed for radiofrequency spectrum use, especially for modern and faster telecommunications standards (i.e., K-band)

  • Maximize your access time in an equatorial location, for multiple satellites or constellations.
  • We invest in your infrastructure, you don't.
  • Perfect environmental conditions, 24/7 operations, radomes are usually not required.
  • We help with free consulting to minimize your expenses in Ecuador (fees, taxes, and importation matters).
  • Ecuador is a peaceful country, with reliable services, friendly to your long-term presence.
  • Maximize your revenues and growth with partners that know about the space industry and space operations.
Service Location:
Santa Elana Ecuador