Leopard DPU

Leopard is a CubeSat standard compliant Data Processing Unit which enables mission designers to apply Artificial Intelligence solutions in space. It was designed to support capturing, managing and processing of data in orbit. 

Leopard redefines the current approach to remote sensing. Now, instead of sending huge, unprocessed sets of data to ground stations, Leopard uses Deep Neural Networks to process data on-board and therefore only sends the most important and valuable insights to the ground. By reducing the time and cost of data transfer and processing, it enables you to focus on a rapid response to any detected phenomena. 

Leopard is integrated with a powerful FPGA to accelerate execution of deep learning algorithms and has a throughput of up to 3 Tera Operations Per Second. A number of hardware and software measures protect the computer against the influence of radiation.

With its with its extraordinary capabilities-to-size ratio (less than 1U), wide supply voltage range and universal interfaces, it is compatible with most CubeSats platforms. Its scalable and customisable architecture makes it possible to create larger and more powerful versions dedicated to bigger platforms as well.

Leopard is a part of Smart Mission Ecosystem – hardware, software and AI-powered algorithms designed to complete your mission.

Peak Power Consumption:
40 W
Typical Power Consumption:
7.5 W
Operating System:
Linux (64-bit)
Supply Voltage:
6.5 to 14 V
Zynq UltraScale+
4 to 16 GiB DDR4 - ECC protected
4 to 16 GiB SLC flash-based file system storage
up to 2x256 GiB flash based data storage
Power Consumption:
7.5 to 40 W