KRATOS 1U Cubesat Platform

The EXA KRATOS 1U Spacecraft bus is a 1 step cubesat solution that allows developers to focus on the payload and its mission: It includes everything needed for the spacecraft to work and even comes VTV tested, just integrate your payload and fly.

The KRATOS SCB is completely configurable:  From a modest, standard cubesat to a powerful SpaceTaxi in a 1U that can host up to 6 standard payload boards and 3 cameras delivering up to 100W of power, and LASER communications at 10Mbps. it has everything needed to fly: Onboard computer with pre-installed libraries, SDR Radio with integrated power amplifier, a powerful EPS with 4 power rails, UMPPT Solar management couple to a fast battery charger, Deployable Multifunction Solar Arrays, automated deploy/release control to up to 4 devices, embedded monopole and dipole antennas from  VHF to L band, embedded magnetorquers, temperature and sun sensors in all walls, ADCS control with integrated Z axis magnetorquer, high power batteries, radiation hardened SSD storage and even LASER communications at 10Mbps minimum.

You can add or subtract features and expand capabilities accordingly to your project budget, the main idea is that you focus on your mission, we focus on the spacecraft.

KRATOS 1U description

>460 g
Operating Temperature:
-80C to 140C
Radiation Tolerance:
>4 years in LEO
Lead Time:
8 to 16 weeks