The iADCS200 matches the ST200 star tracker with RW210 series of reaction wheels, as well as the MTQ200 series of magnetorquers. Combined with Berlin Space Technologies’ flight-proven control algorithms, it offers an entirely autonomous attitude control system, in the space of 2 standard CubeSat PCB’s. With the help of the RW210 series of reaction wheels, it is capable of precisely pointing and slewing 1 to 4U CubeSats or platforms with similar moments of inertia.

It features a host of operating modes, chief among which is the target tracking mode, which allows users to enter latitude and longitude of a point on Earth, after which the system will orient a pre-defined instrument-side towards that target, following it until it has passed the local horizon.

The iADCS200 is also stack-through, allowing users to place it anywhere in their satellite.

iADCS200 dimensions

Lead Time:
6 to 9 months
470 g
95 x 90 x 32 mm
Operating Temperature:
-45C to 85C
Attitude Determination Accuracy:
30 arcseconds (3σ)
Nominal Torque:
> 0.087 mN.m
Nominal Magnetic Moment:
0.2 (X, Y), 0.1 (Z)
Pointing Accuracy:
< 1 deg
Slew Rate:
> 1.5 deg/sec
Radiation Tolerance:
> 45 krad
Maximum Power Consumption:
4500 mW
Idle Power Consumption:
1150 mW
Supply Voltage:
5 V (typ.)