HALCYON SmallSat Thruster

Benchmark Space Systems’ Halcyon delivers a non-toxic (‘green’), high thrust propulsion system to the small satellite market. Our innovations address challenges with alternative systems in this class: lead time, launch safety, and power

Our proprietary on-demand pressurization technology and non-toxic propellants will ease your launch manifest and expand your on-orbit capabilities.

Halcyon is offered in monopropellant HTP or dual mode HTP + Butane creating the most innovative small satellite solution for your high thrust, or pulse-mode operational needs.

Halcyon applications benchamrk space systems

HALCYON configurations benchmark space systems

Propellant Type:
HTP for Monoprop option
Propellant Type:
HTP + Butane for Dual mode
Specific Impulse:
140 s to 320 s
Minimum Impulse Bit:
50 mN-s
Available Thruster sizes:
100 mN to 22 N
Available Thruster Configurations:
1 to 12
Pressurization Power Consumption:
10 W
Standby Power Consumption:
0.1 W
Thrust Valve Power:
3 W