STARLING CubeSat Warm Gas Thruster

Benchmark Space Systems’ STARLING product line was developed to provide the benefits of reliable, high-precision positioning and control capability with unprecedented safety and affordability.  

This innovative system uses inert, nontoxic powdered fuel that is filled before shipping and remains inert until a pressurization command is triggered on-orbit. The ability to fill, ship, store, and inhibit an assembled & fueled STARLING is “a game changer” for lowering launch manifest and operational costs, improving safety and reliability over alternatives, and providing a path to ISS compatibility.

Additive manufacturing on primary components delivers unbeatable lead time, making this the premier propulsion solution for your next CubeSat mission.

Propellant Type:
Inert nontoxic powder
Thruster sizes:
10mN to 1N
Specific Impulse:
70 s (cold), 105 - 150s (warm)
Wet Mass:
750 g to 2700 g
Thrust Valve Power:
< 3 W
Pressurization Power:
10 W
Minimum Impulse Bit:
< 0.05 mN-s
Lead Time:
4 months
Resistojet Power:
15 to 50 W