Dawn CubeSat Propulsion Module

Dawn’s ECSS qualified, standalone green bi-propellant propulsion modules provide high thrust and high efficiency to get your CubeSat to where it needs to be. TVC in 2 axis with on-board dead reckoning capability allows for extremely simple in-orbit control. Through the use of additive manufacturing, the modules can be modified to suit any CubeSat structure or mission delta-v requirement, with little NRE.

Using non-toxic propellants in a self-pressurizing configuration, the smallest deliverable impulse bit of 35 mN.s results in velocity increments of 0.01 m/s, with no need to preheat catalysts. Pressure and temperature sensors monitor system health and provide real-time thruster performance data. Integrated thrust vector control ensures thruster disturbance torques are actively compensated.

With thrust levels of three or more magnitudes higher than electric propulsion systems, and substantially higher specific impulse than non-electric systems, the module’s responsiveness and efficiency is unrivalled at CubeSat scale.

REACH compliant and ITAR free, Dawn's systems are available to order now.

Size Total Impulse Dry Mass Wet Mass
0.7U >425 N.s 1000 g 1170 g
1U >850 N.s 1100 g 1410 g


Lead Time:
6 months
Nominal Thrust:
ITAR free and REACH compliant
Propellant Type:
Nitrous oxide (N2O) and propene (C3H6)
Specific Impulse:
>285 s
Cold start capable. No preheating catalysts
Operating Temperature Range:
0°C to 30°C
No propellant degradation over time
Nominal Power Consumption:
12.5 W
Minimum Impulse Bit:
35 mN.s
Thrust Vector Control:
>230 m/s (for typical 3U CubeSat)
No thruster degradation over time
Maximum Impulse Bit:
7,500 mN.s
Radiation Tolerance:
50 krads
Flow Rate:
Oxidizer at 170 mg/s; Fuel at 18 mg/s
Proof Pressure:
Oxidizer at 110 bar; Fuel at 40 bar
Burst Pressure:
Oxidizer at >150 bar; Fuel at >55 bar
1 temperature sensor; 2 pressure sensors