CSS-10 Coarse Sun Sensor

CSS-10 is a coarse sun sensor with a simple and robust design. This sun sensor is suitable for spacecraft with low pointing requirements or needs a robust input for the sun-acquisition algorithm.

Multiple sun sensors are recommended to be installed on different faces of the satellite to maximize the field of view of the sun sensor array. The CSS-10 outputs analog signals that are proportional to the solar irradiance.

The user has to prepare analog-to-digital converters (ADCS) for the onboard computer (OBC) or the ADCS computer to access the data from each CSS-10.

The more CSS-10 is used, the more channels the user has to prepare for the ADC.


  • Analog-type coarse sun sensor.
  • Hardware protection for short-circuit caused system failure prevention
  • An analog-to-digital converter should be installed to extract information.


  • 1-axis analog coarse sun sensor
  • <5 deg (1-sigma) of sun determination accuracy is achievable following the user manual's calibration instructions
  • Six coarse sun sensors can provide a full sky (4π) FOV coverage (± 60 deg for each sensor)
  • Three pins including Vcc, GND, and output line.
Lead Time:
2 months
Field of view:
+/- 60 deg
Power consumption:
< 0.1 mA
20.0 x 10.0 x 5.7 mm
< 0.5 g
Radiation Tolerance:
> 10 krad