Coaxial Solenoid Valve (CSV)

Valiant Space’s coaxial solenoid valves are normally closed, 1-way shut-off valves that utilises a direct acting, spring-loaded poppet to provide reliable actuation and sealing throughout all stages of spaceflight. The coaxial design allows for low pressure drops whilst remaining compact and low mass. The valve comes standard with inlet and outlet weldable tubes, with other process connections available upon request.

<130 g
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP):
82.7 bar (1200 psi)
Proof Pressure:
144 bar (2100 psi)
Burst Pressure:
241 bar (3500 psi)
Liquid Flow Coefficient (Cv):
0.022 (water)
Operating Temperature:
-20C to +100C
Leak Rate:
<2.8x10^-7 cc/s
Wetted Materials:
SS431, SS316, PTFE
Opening Power:
10 Watts (@MAWP)
Holding Power:
0.63 Watts (@MAWP)
Flying leads
Service Life:
>100,000 cycles (tested)