6U Platform C3S

C3S’s main strength in the small satellite industry is that our engineering team devoted great attention on thermal design during the development of our platform. Therefore, the structure is optimized for high dissipation density and thermo-elasticity, both payload and platform wise. Along unprecedentedly high payload power availability our bus offers great flexibility regarding the shape and positioning of the payload. Our devoted team will be at your service from mission planning throughout the operation of the entire mission, until deorbiting.

Main Features:

  • In-house developed structure and subsystems
  • 5-year design lifetime in LEO
  • Population by ESA qualified hand soldering operators
  • Double redundancy in all subsystems
  • 32% higher payload power availability*
  • Integration time reduced by 55%*
  • Single-point failure tolerant design
  • Redundant CAN and MLVDS buses (OBC)
  • Maximized payload volume due to flexible positioning
  • Platform developed under the framework of RADCUBE mission founded by ESA

*Than market average

5 years
5 kg (payload excluded)
Maximum Power Consumption:
25 W
Battery Capacity:
up to 190 Wh