42U BUS - MP42

Hardware and software of NanoAvionics satellite bus MP42, as well as mission operations infrastructure, are established on baseline architecture and mission-specific “building blocks” for flexible, time & cost-efficient integration, resulting in wide applicability, reliability, repeatability and manufacturability.

MP42 buses are highly versatile – their performance capabilities are optimized for remote sensing, high data throughput & complex communications missions, emergency communications, and fundamental research missions. All requiring minimal reconfiguration.

All of the MP42 subsystems have been flight-proven during these different types of missions. Latest technological developments have been implemented to ensure the practical reliability of the platform. Critical systems such as the Flight Computer, Payload Controller, Electric Power System, and all others are 20krad radiation-tolerant and have an expected lifetime of 5 years in LEO. MP42 enables high payload data downlink speed – up to 1 Gbps downlink on the X-Band, while intersatellite link ensures uninterrupted real-time communications (LEO-LEO and LEO-GEO options available).

MP42 buses can include a propulsion system that enables the satellite to perform high-impulse maneuvers such as: orbital deployment, orbit maintenance, precision flight in formations, orbit synchronization, and atmospheric drag compensation. It results in extended satellite orbital lifetime uncovered new opportunities for the unique customer missions and significant savings on constellation maintenance costs.

30 kg (bus only)
Payload Volume:
48 x 48 x 32 cm
Maximum Unregulated Output Power:
50 W (4S1P battery)
Maximum Unregulated Output Power:
600 W (8S7P battery)
Maximum Charging Power:
20 W (4S1P battery)
Maximum Charging Power:
270 W (8S7P battery)