NSL Blackbox System

The NearSpace Launch, Inc (NSL) Black Box units are full independent and redundant satellite mini-Box that provides consistent flight diagnostics to ensure complete health and safety during the course of a satellite mission. This system utilizes our flight proven EyeStar™ communication systems, in combination with a variety of flight proven support systems and sensors to provide autonomous diagnosis of satellite flight conditions. These units can assist with anything from Space debris diagnostics, to health and safety, all with a 24/ 7 flow of data and liability claims. The NSL Black Box system is designed for any satellite size, and encompasses options including a camera, as well as the STX3 chip for a wide array of problem analysis and diagnostics capabilities. The NSL Black Box system is designed to last for the entire duration of your satellites orbit and beyond. Our systems come in three sizes to ensure a proper system for your mission needs.

Key product highlights:

  • Features Flight Proven Technology
  • Encompasses end to end transmission system, no need for a ground station
  • Autonomous system, independent of main bus
  • Low power, affordable data transfer
  • RF EMI certification
  • Long-Lifespan
  • FCC compliant
140 g (Patch or PC/104)
Battery Voltage:
Battery Capacity:
0.6 Ah
Solar Area:
45 cm^2
Maximum Data Rate:
8 Bytes/sec
e-Plasma Probe density:
100-10^7 e-/cm^3
Camera Pixel Resolution:
IR Horizon Sensor:
16 by 16 Grid
NovAtel (Standard BlackBox)
internal or external (Patch or PC/104)
350g (Standard BlackBox)
Particle Radiation Dose:
>40 KeV