Light Stimulator for Sun Sensors is an Optical Ground Support Equipment (OGSE) based on a controlled and stable light source to stimulate optical sensors, designed to work under TVAC.

LS3 operates without touching the sensor or the platform where the device to be stimulated is placed. It includes a 19” controller and up to 3 optical heads per unit, with an interface for PC to program the testing operations.

Lead Time:
12 weeks
Beam Size:
25 mm diameter
Beam Homogeneity:
> 90%
Light Collumation:
< 10 degree
450 - 1100 nm
Optical head temperature range:
-50C to 100C (no vacuum)
Optical head temperature range:
-40C to 80C (vacuum)
Voltage Input:
220 VAC (50Hz), 75W Max
Power consumption:
75 W max
Modbus RTU, over RS232
Optical Head mounting:
M6 for rod and/or tripod (custom available)