6U FastBus

Low Cost, 100% FastBus On-Orbit Success, Real-Time Global Data, Fast Delivery, FastBus TRL 9, Customizable, Compliant with new FCC requirements.

Basic Specifications:
• Size (LxWxH): 10 x 22.63 x 36.6 cm
• Mass: 3.2 kg
• Payload Volume: ~5U

Baseline FastBus:
• Structure: Rigid, Hard Anodized, Al 6061-T6
• EPS: Smart functionality with switched outputs, short circuit protection, inhibits, boost converters, etc.
• Batteries: Configurable up to 100+ Whrs
• Flight Processor: Simple serial/analog interface with option of running payload Con Ops
• ADCS: Active and passive magnetic systems
• Solar Arrays: Up to 48W total, flexible cells (ISS compatible)
• EyeStar-S3 Simplex: 8 bytes/s, 24/7 downlink with global coverage
• EyeStar-D2 Duplex: 700 bytes/s duplex real time link
• Sensor Suite: Particles, IR, temperature, horizon, 9-axis IMU
• Access to Globalstar’s 20+ Ground Stations
• Access to NSL Online Console: View, analyze, and download data live streaming online

NSL Technical Merit:
• 350+ Total Systems flown in space
• 100% Mission Success
• DOD Certified

Al 6061-T6, Hard Anodized
up to 100+ Whrs
Solar Arrays:
up to 48W