EyeStar-S3 Satellite Simplex

The EyeStar Simplex is your solution for quick, reliable beaconing from your satellite. from research to health and safety data, EyeStar Simplex delivers your data without a hitch.

End-to-End System, Globalstar Connected, Max 600 Kbytes/day, Anywhere-Anytime, 100% On-orbit success, Flight Ready, TRL 9, Compliant with new FCC requirements.

See below, an example of EyeStar Simplex energetic particle data from several orbits of GEARRS2. Small gaps in track show duty cycle of transmitter and long gaps due to sun sync of 78 packets of data sequence to save system power. Note the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly (SAMA) and the Aurora Oval. GEARRS simplex coverage maps (Ref. 4,5) are very uniform over the entire earth with a weaker coverage area in the Pacific Ocean. The 53 deg. latitude cutoff is due to the GEARRS2 Sat inclination and not due to the Globalstar link.

Eyestar simplex energetic particle data map

Flight Hardware
Input Voltage:
6 - 36V
Data Rate:
8 Bytes/sec