UHF & VHF Ground Station Transceiver

The VHF/UHF Ground Station Transceiver is used for communication in the VHF and UHF frequency bands (full and half duplex transmission and reception). It can be offered as part of the complete ISIS Turnkey Ground station solution but can also be delivered separately as a stand-alone item, together with its GUI, in order to integrate easily within an existing and compatible Ground Station.


  • Built-in Antenna polarization switch drive
  • Built-in LNA sequencer
  • USB 2.0
  • GUI software to configure SDR on LINUX
Frequency Band:
144 to 146 MHz
Frequency Band:
400 to 470 MHz
Frequency Band:
435 to 438 MHz
Receiver Noise VHF:
1.6 dB
Output Power:
100 W RF CW
Receiver Noise UHF:
2 dB
Supply Voltage:
88 to 164 V AC @ 50-60Hz
Frequency Band:
130 to 170 MHz
N-type RF
TCP/IP Sockets
Data Rate:
up to 9600 bps