TILE 3 Propulsion System

TILE 3 from Accion Systems is an exponential improvement on an already game-changing propulsion system. The thrust is 10X denser than on TILE 2, lasts over twice as long, and fits under 1U. And with microfabrication methods from the semiconductor industry, we can manufacture hundreds of units at a time.

A revolution for an already revolutionary propulsion system, Accion Systems’ TILE 3 provides over 35 times more total thrust than TILE 2, all in less than 1U. The compact, modular design can be aggregated to multiply thrust, and can be manufactured in batches of hundreds to meet the needs of constellations.


  • Scalable, modular, compact design
  • Safe, inert ionic liquid propellant
  • High thrust to power ratio
  • Rideshare safe
  • Designed to move all small satellites 6U and above.
Propellant Type:
inert ionic liquid propellant
Maximum Thrust:
0.45 mN
Total Impulse:
755 Ns
Maximum Power Consumption:
20 W
Idle Power Consumption:
1.5 W
Minimum Impulse Bit:
50 µNs
Operating Temperature Range:
-10C to 60C
Survival Temperature Range:
-20C to 70C
Wet Mass:
2.0 kg
100 x 100 x 100 mm (1000 cm^3)
Form Factor: