The Tiled Ionic Liquid Electrospray (TILE) is a powerful propulsion in a .5U form factor — perfect for cubesats and larger satellites with attitude control needs. TILE 2 is the lowest SWaP solution available to meet orbital debris regulations, and delivers more thrust for your power budget than any other thruster.

Accion Systems’ TILE 2 provides small satellites with safe, scalable, ultra low weight propulsion to meet future requirements for orbital maintenance and collision avoidance.


  • Scalable, modular, compact design
  • Safe, inert ionic liquid propellant
  • High thrust to power ratio
  • Rideshare safe
  • 1 m/s delta-v on satellites up to 35 kg.
Propellant Type:
inert ionic liquid propellant
Maximum Thrust:
0.04 mN
Total Impulse:
21 Ns
Maximum Power Consumption:
4 W
Idle Power Consumption:
1.5 W
Minimum Impulse Bit:
50 µNs
Operating Temperature Range:
10C to 50C
Survival Temperature Range:
-20C to 60C
Wet Mas:
0.48 kg
100 x 100 x 50 mm (500 cm^3)
Form Factor:
0.5 U