Get Spaceborne

Get Spaceborne is a turnkey service for fast and cost-effective in-orbit demonstration and space qualification for small satellite components and subsystems. Acquire flight heritage for your smallsat products, including communications, imaging, data processing, propulsion, power and other components. Rather than requiring an expensive, dedicated mission for in-orbit testing and qualification, products being qualified will share a spacecraft bus with other hosted payloads.

The spacecraft bus provides your hosted payload with power, two-way communications and propulsion. Payload slots are available in standard CubeSat form factors ranging from 1U to 6U, accommodating a range of products. A standard payload management API simplifies integration of the product with the spacecraft bus.

Orbital Transports will handle all of the logistics of planning your mission, integrating your smallsat component with the spacecraft bus, operating the mission, and getting your flight qualification data back to you.

Several launch opportunities to Sun-synchronous orbit and potentially other orbits are now available starting in Q2 2021. Book your flight and Get Spaceborne today!